The Different Types Of Drug Test


Unlike the many popular beliefs that people have, it is not always guaranteed that you can get away with taking an illegal substance. You should know that the traces of that particular substance will be found in your body. This can either be in your blood, urine or even in your hair. Therefore, if you apply for a job in a specific company, do not be surprised if they request to conduct some drug tests on you. This has become a standard protocol that almost all employers conduct drug tests on their new recruits or even the already employed. In fact, in recent times it is a law requirement that every employee undergoes drug tests.

The test for illegal substances comes in many forms; this is influenced by the type of substance that one wants to test for. There are several options that can be put into practice. Below, we are going to discuss the methods that are employed to determine if an individual is consuming illegal drugs or not.

Urine testing

hdhgd764When you take any drug, the body’s metabolism works in a way that it goes straight to the liver. This is the reason why in the instance that one is poisoned; the liver is the first organ to feel the effect. Therefore, a urine examination will whether you are taking an illegal substance or not. This particular test is done by examining the urine sample. One only requires to pee in the sample dish and submit the specimen for screening to an authorized individual. It is advisable that the test is done in the morning as this is the time that the pee will give a more accurate result.

In some cases, individuals can dilute the urine with water to make the result inaccurate. Some also use fake pee in order for to pass. Take a look at and know more about this. But in the event that you are in a strict environment, you will have to produce a sample in a room that you won’t have a chance to dilute the urine. But if you have not taken any drug, you need not to panic nor worry.

It is important to note at this point that on presentation of the sample, the sample will probably be tested for a number of substances. Some of this substances can be confused with prescription medicines. If you are under legitimate prescription, you are advised to take the prescription bottle with you so that it can be verified by the tester.

Hair analysis

This is also another common method of drug testing. It is considered as the least invasive of all the forms of drug abuse screening. One major downside of it is that it does not have the capability to show the traces of the most recent used substance. But it will probably show the pattern of substance that one has been consuming. It acts as a record of the substances that have been ingested over a long period of time.

Saliva and sweat screeninghdhd674

This one is not widely used, but it is a very accurate way of catching a drug abuser. If you suspect an individual of using a particular substance, you can use this method to test and establish the truth in a few hours.

There are many methods of drug screening that can be used, but it all depends on what is being tested for and what result is desired.