How to Avoid Diabetes Risk


It is essential to make diabetes prevention a priority. Diabetes is typically a group of diseases caused by too much sugar in the blood. The disease affects many people across the world and posing adverse effects on the human body and even leads to death. Some of the early signs of diabetes include dry mouth, increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, and blurred vision. Some of its adverse signs and symptoms include kidney failure, blindness, and heart diseases. The most common types of diabetes include prediabetes, Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Medically speaking, diabetes cannot technically be cured. However, it can go into remission. Remission is whereby the body does not show the signs of diabetes. Fortunately, there are ways you can use to avoid diabetes risk and all these effects. The following are ways you can use to prevent diabetes risk.


cut carbs

Cut Refined Carbs and Sugar from your Diet

Since too much sugar causes diabetes in the blood, then cutting sugar from your diet is the obvious way for you to avoid diabetes risk. When you take refined carbs and sugary foods, your body breaks these foods down quickly into small sugar molecules. The small sugar molecules tend to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream compared to other foods. The sugary foods also increase insulin levels in the body which will lead to diabetes in overtime.


Get more Physical Activity

Regularly doing physical activities comes with plenty of benefits that help in avoiding diabetes risk. Physical activities help to increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body cells. Therefore, the body will need less insulin to keep the blood sugar levels under control. Aerobic exercises, as well as resistance training, also help to avoid diabetes risk.


Let Water be your Primary Beverage

Water is a natural beverage and far the most essential in the human body. Let water be the first beverage that comes to your mind when you feel thirsty. Sticking with a water bottle full of water will help you to avoid beverages that contain high quantities of sugar and preservatives, which cause diabetes. Beverages like soda are linked to causing Type 2 diabetes. Drinking plenty of water helps to control the insulin and blood sugar levels. Therefore, reduce the risk of getting diabetes.


Lose Extra Weight

Studies show that every pound of body fat you lose improves your health. It’s not only your general health but also helps in avoiding diabetes risk. Having excess weight especially around the abdominal area increases the chances of developing diabetes. One of the healthy options you can use to cut the extra weight is being on a vegetarian diet. Every pound you lose reduces the risk of developing diabetes by sixteen percent.



Get Plenty of Fiber

Putting yourself on a diet full of fiber also plays a crucial role in helping you to avoid diabetes risk. Fiber improves the blood sugar control in the body and lowers the risk of heart disease. It is also a perfect way to promote weight loss which in turn reduces chances of developing diabetes. It is because once you consume fiber, you will feel full. Fruits, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and beans are some of the foods high in fiber

The Different Types Of Drug Test


Unlike the many popular beliefs that people have, it is not always guaranteed that you can get away with taking an illegal substance. You should know that the traces of that particular substance will be found in your body. This can either be in your blood, urine or even in your hair. Therefore, if you apply for a job in a specific company, do not be surprised if they request to conduct some drug tests on you. This has become a standard protocol that almost all employers conduct drug tests on their new recruits or even the already employed. In fact, in recent times it is a law requirement that every employee undergoes drug tests.

The test for illegal substances comes in many forms; this is influenced by the type of substance that one wants to test for. There are several options that can be put into practice. Below, we are going to discuss the methods that are employed to determine if an individual is consuming illegal drugs or not.

Urine testing

hdhgd764When you take any drug, the body’s metabolism works in a way that it goes straight to the liver. This is the reason why in the instance that one is poisoned; the liver is the first organ to feel the effect. Therefore, a urine examination will whether you are taking an illegal substance or not. This particular test is done by examining the urine sample. One only requires to pee in the sample dish and submit the specimen for screening to an authorized individual. It is advisable that the test is done in the morning as this is the time that the pee will give a more accurate result.

In some cases, individuals can dilute the urine with water to make the result inaccurate. Some also use fake pee in order for to pass. Take a look at and know more about this. But in the event that you are in a strict environment, you will have to produce a sample in a room that you won’t have a chance to dilute the urine. But if you have not taken any drug, you need not to panic nor worry.

It is important to note at this point that on presentation of the sample, the sample will probably be tested for a number of substances. Some of this substances can be confused with prescription medicines. If you are under legitimate prescription, you are advised to take the prescription bottle with you so that it can be verified by the tester.

Hair analysis

This is also another common method of drug testing. It is considered as the least invasive of all the forms of drug abuse screening. One major downside of it is that it does not have the capability to show the traces of the most recent used substance. But it will probably show the pattern of substance that one has been consuming. It acts as a record of the substances that have been ingested over a long period of time.

Saliva and sweat screeninghdhd674

This one is not widely used, but it is a very accurate way of catching a drug abuser. If you suspect an individual of using a particular substance, you can use this method to test and establish the truth in a few hours.

There are many methods of drug screening that can be used, but it all depends on what is being tested for and what result is desired.

Health Status of Women in the World


The world has come a long way regarding health in general. Specifically, the health status of women in the world is far much better than it was ten years ago. However, there are still a few issues that keep health practitioners awake at night. The critical issues that are always a problem for women are:

Reproductive health

This is a major concern for women are aged between 15 and 44 years of age. As a matter of fact, reproductive health accounts for at least a third of all issues that affect women. This age bracket is affected because of unsafe sex that is prevalent in developing countries. Governments and other bodies that promote reproductive health among women have a responsibility to make contraceptives available to this age group.

Reproduction health


Women are mostly affected by cervical and breast cancers. In order for women to stay and remain alive, these cancers need to be detected at their infant stages. According to statistics released by various organizations including World Health Organization(WHO), close to half a million of women diagnosed with cancer succumb to death.

Unfortunately, the majority of the deaths are reported in countries that have been classified as middle and low income. In these countries, there were programs in place to screen, prevent and treat cancer. Secondly, human papillomavirus was not prevented through vaccination.

Sexually transmitted infections

While all the efforts have been directed towards HIV and AIDS, there is need also to change gears and focus on other STIs. Diseases like syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea also need to prevented and treated. If left untreated, genital infections may lead to stillbirths and in worse cases, fetal deaths. Newborns may also die or carry the effects of the STIs throughout their lives. Young women remain vulnerable to HIV infections and tuberculosis.


Maternal health

A significant number of women die from complications during pregnancy and when giving birth. These deaths could easily be prevented if there is an improvement in access to family planning.

Non-communicable diseases

Also called lifestyle diseases. These are diseases that could easily be prevented. The major causes of non-communicable diseases are drugs and substance abuse, obesity, alcohol, poor eating habits and being physically inactive. Governments and other stakeholders need to help women adopt lifestyles that are healthy.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Finally, when talking about the health status of women in the world, there is need first to empower the women. Give women opportunities to education and economic freedom. Having achieved these two, women will be able to support themselves and access health services that they need.

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast (2)

Breakfast is the most important meal that people should not forget.

Besides, it should be a health one containing all the necessary components to start the day. A healthy breakfast fuels the body and benefits their overall heath.
However, many individuals find mornings to be extremely hectic most of the times, making it difficult for them to prepare and have a homemade breakfast regularly.

Fortunately, healthy fast food breakfast offers a viable alternative for those in a bind. When a person prepares a meal by himself, he not only know the exact ingredient in it but also able to tail it to his specific needs.

Here are a few options of healthy fast food to consider when it comes to homemade breakfast.

Healthy Fast Food Breakfast (3)The best options for healthy fast food breakfast Fast food meals have become a part of many peoples’ busy lifestyle because they cannot afford to take time and eat at home. In the past, individuals especially those on a low fat, salt, calorie or cholesterol diet were pretty much out of luck as most of the fast food known have a lot of these unhealthy component. Nowadays, more healthy fast food breakfast choices are available than ever to correct that concern.

A healthy fast food breakfast provides numerous benefits to the body. Starting the morning off with the right breakfast can reduce wrinkles in ones’ body and make him or her look younger. Individuals use various methods to get healthy, glowing skin. Numerous anti-aging skincare products are available, and salon that does anal bleaching is increasingly becoming popular over recent years to make men and women feel confident and for glamor purpose.

Besides using the makeups and concealers, people need to eat a healthy diet to make their skin look its best. However, life is not always ideal, and various situations may force people to consider fast food from a restaurant.

Here are a few of the top fast food breakfast options.Healthy Fast Food Breakfast (1)

• Dunkin Donuts Ham Egg & Cheese English MuffinThis meal contains a combination of cheese English muffin, ham, and egg that contribute to about 280 calories, 7 grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein to the body

• McDonalds Egg McMuffinThe classic egg McMuffin contains 290 calories, 12grams of fat, 17 grams of protein and 31 g of carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice at McDonalds.

• Wawa Ham Egg White & CheddarThe ingredients of this multigrain English muffin include the ham, cheddar and egg white that contains 240 calories, 7 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein, making it a solid choice.

Fever In Children

Fever In Children (1)

A fever is generally a high temperature. A normal temperature lies at 37.5C, thus anything above this results to fever. It may be very worrying as a parent if your child has a high temperature. A quick way of finding out if there is rise in temperature is using a thermometer.

How Thermometers Measure Up

There are various methods to use when measuring up your child’s temperature depending on his/her age. Let’s highlight on some of these methods;

  • Rectal

This is the best choice for children under the age of 3 years. To administer it, have your kid lie across your lap. It has the highest accuracy. Not ideal for older kids.

  • Oral

Ideal for age 4 and older. Its major limitation is that it can easily been thrown off if not kept under the tongue until it beeps. Good accuracy.

  • Armpit

Adequate accuracy and easy to use. However, it may result to a false reading if the room is chilly. Greater accuracy.

  • Causes of Fever

Fever is often caused by infections. Common conditions that can result to fever include;

Fever In Children (5)· Flu

· Upper respiratory infections

· Tonsillitis

· Kidney infections

· Common childhood illness such as whooping cough and chickenpox

When to Call a Doctor

It is recommended to seek for medical attention if your child;

· Is under 3 months old and has a temperature of 38C

· 3 to 6 months old and has a temperature of 39C

You should visit the doctor if your child has other symptoms of being unwell such as refusal to feed, drowsiness or persistent vomiting.

Treating Fever

If your kid has a fever, it’s advised to keep them hydrated. This is done through giving plenty of cool drinking water. Children should also be given plenty of liquid such as breast milk. This is to keep their fluid levels high. If in a warm environment, cover you kid with lightweight sheet or open windows for aeration. It is however important to dress your child appropriately depending on the climate. Avoid sponging your child with cool water in a bid to reduce fever.


Kids’ ibuprofen and paracetamol work best as antipyretics. Apart from being painkillers, they really help in reducing fever. Try one at time. It is not a must to use antipyretics especially if your young one isn’t distressed. However, before using any drug, read the patient information leaflet to find the correct dose to administer to different ages.

Serious Illness

High temperature can as well be associated with serious signs such as;

· RashFever In Children (4)

· Vomiting

· Breathlessness

· Fits

It’s important to note that potentially serious causes of fever are very rare hence no need to freak out when your child’s body temperature spikes. Just follow the simple guidelines discussed above and after some few hours, your child will be jovial again.